Padel Galis takes part in a padel industry presentation in Tokyo

Published On: 01/06/2023|Categories: Corporate, News|
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Thanks to PPJ (ProPadel Japan Inc.), distributor of Padel Galis courts in Japan, the world-leading company in the design and manufacture of courts took part in a padel industry presentation in the Spanish embassy in Tokyo at the start of April.

On 4th April, Tokyo’s Spanish embassy held a presentation about the padel industry in Japan, hosted by the Spanish ambassador, Fidel Sendagorta Gómez del Campillo. Attendees included Koji Nakatsuka, president of the Japan Padel Association (JPA), Toshio Matsushima, director of the PPJ corporation (ProPadel Japan Inc.), and Juan Larraz, member of Padel Galis’ board of directors.

During his speech, Larraz expressed how pleased he was to be actively participating “in the growth that padel will be experiencing in Japan over the coming years.” “The Japanese market is just beginning to establish itself and has enormous potential: for 2026 we hope to see over 1,000 courts installed,” specified Larraz, who also represents the Atitlan investment group. Atitlan works across various sectors, focused on creating and consolidating long-term value.


padel galis japon


Prior to the event, PPJ and Padel Galis signed an agreement making the Japanese firm the exclusive distributor of our company’s courts in Japan. “Thanks to the five-year contract signed with PPJ, Padel Galis continues its international expansion, moving into the Japanese market,” explained Juan Larraz. “The first Padel Galis courts will be en route to Japan by the start of August this year.”

Japan’s first padel court was built in 2013. Three years later, in 2016, the Japanese Padel Association was founded. In 2018, the Japanese women’s team participated in the World Cup for the first time. “But it was in 2020 that the Japanese really started to notice padel as a way of addressing their lack of exercise during lockdown,” explained PPJ’s director, Toshio Matsushima.

The growth of the sport in Japan shows no sign of slowing down in 2023. According to projections from the JPA, by the end of the year, the Japanese padel community will comprise 45,000 people, and this figure is estimated to double to nearly 100,000 by 2026.