Padel Galis signs the biggest set-up in the history of professional padel tournaments

Published On: 28/04/2023|Categories: News|
mayor montaje historia del padel

The Valencian company transported around 48 tonnes of elements and construction material to the Nasrid capital, and sent more than 20 people over two weeks to assemble and maintain the 5 courts that hosted the Cervezas Victoria Granada Open.

The WPT Granada Open, the first event of the new Open 1000 format of the World Padel Tour to be held in Spain, took place from 8th to 16th April. The 2023 season started with the Modon Abu Dhabi Master where Padel Galis was also the official court and, after the South American tour, the professional circuit arrived in Spain and, therefore, Europe for the first time with the WPT Reus Costa Daurada Open 500.

In Reus, Tarragona, Padel Galis was in charge of setting up the centre court and court two as the official supplier of the Open 500, which is run by the Ultimate Padel Company (UPC). However, it faced its first big challenge of the year in Granada.

The World Padel Tour’s new competition structure in national events required a 5-court facility to host the 150 competitive matches from qualifying, that is, from Saturday 8th to Sunday 16th, the day on which the finals were held.

These 5 courts were distributed in the three official venues of the Cervezas Victoria Granada Open: Granada’s Palacio de los Deportes, where the centre court was located; the Coliseo Ciudad de Atarfe, where courts 2 and 3 were located; and Paquillo Fernández Pavilion, where courts 4 and 5 were located. In terms of type: the centre court was an official WPT Special Edition court and the other four were official WPT Challenger courts.

To carry out the most ambitious installation in the history of a professional padel tournament, they moved the following from Valencia to Granada: 18,000 kg (18 Tn) of galvanised steel for the structure and grating; 20,000 kg (20 Tn) of tempered glass for the back and side walls; 9,000 kg of silica sand to lay and fix the carpet; more than 1,000 m2 of turf, not counting the walkways; and 3 litres of silicone, distributed in 100 cans.

Transporting huge amounts of material and construction elements posed a great logistical challenge, for which 6HGVs were used among other vehicles. On the days prior to the start of the competition and once it finished, a team of 20 people from Padel Galis were in charge of loading, unloading, transporting and assembling the courts in the different locations.

Accomplishing this type of challenge is only possible thanks to the efforts of the people who form part of the Padel Galis Group. People who strive to improve and advance in the professionalisation and specialisation of their work on a daily basis, striving for continuous improvement of processes and overcoming demanding product quality controls, especially the last year, after the exponential growth of sales in 2021.

In short, a deployment of material and human resources within the reach of few national and international padel companies. That’s why Padel Galis is the world leader not only in the design and manufacture of courts, but also in the installation and adaptation of the same to any setting. And for this reason, it has been the official court supplier of the World Padel Tour since 2020; and, since 2021, a strategic ally of Wilson Sporting Woods and Fernando Belasteguín, for the worldwide promotion of padel.