Padel Galis Mundial 160 court can withstand winds of up to 160 km/hr

Published On: 29/04/2023|Categories: Courts|

The latest incarnation of Padel Galis’ Mundial court, the Mundial 160, incorporates a range of materials and component parts that make it stronger and more resistant in the face of winds of up to 160 km/hr.

Padel Galis improves the performance of its Mundial court. Without diminishing the aesthetic appeal of this panoramic court, the improvements ensure the structure can withstand winds of 160 km/hr, hence its name, ‘Mundial 160’.

Product description for the Padel Galis Mundial 160 court:

  • Internal dimensions: 20 (±0,5) m x 10(±0,05) m.
  • External dimensions: 20.5 (±0,5) m x 10.5 (±0,05) m.
  • Height of the enclosure: 4 m at each end, 3 m on each side, except for the 2 m adjoining the ends.
  • Glass perfectly aligned with the other elements of the enclosure to form a smooth profile.
  • Finish: Kiln-fired lacquer in a colour of the client’s choice.
  • Floor fixing: Screwed into the concrete using expansion anchors.
  • Lawn: Top quality textured lawns, including the Mondo (Oficial World Padel Tour) and our PG-5 model. Fibrillated and monofilament options are also available.

Additionally, the Mundial 160’s metallic structure is built with various materials and component parts that make it particularly resistant to high winds. For example, the 4m-high pillars at each of the court’s four corners. Made with 100x100x2mm tubing, they provide the structure with immense resistance and stability.

Another four pillars, this time measuring 3m and made of 200x80x3mm tubing, give the court increased structural strength. What’s more, the 3×2 modules are reinforced by 8 pillars, also measuring 3m. Made of 80x60x3mm tubing with anchor plates measuring 200x200x10mm, they are fixed together using metal jointing plates to maximise the resilience of the mesh area.

Lastly, the court features two buttresses, made with 80x80x3m tubing. Comprising an end and two sides measuring 10m and 4m in length respectively, they strengthen the frame, anchor the court to the ground, and provide support for the panes of glass.

The Padel Galis Mundial 160 court has 18 panes of glass measuring 2,995 x 1,995 mm: nine for each half of the court (five in the end wall and two in each side wall). This glass has been heat-treated to make it significantly more resistant (in comparison with untreated glass) to the changes in temperature and impacts which can be brought about by strong gusts of wind.

Padel Galis’ technical team is constantly investigating ways in which to develop the manufacture of our courts in response to varying wind pressures. Thus the design of the Mundial 160 court results in increased reinforcement and a more robust structure without renouncing its panoramic glass.

This makes the Padel Galis Mundial 160 the ideal outdoor court, capable of resisting not only the stresses of extensive play but also winds of up to 160 km/hr.