Padel Galis and Flexipadel join forces to revolutionize padel court foundations

Published On: 08/11/2023|Categories: Corporate, Courts, Recent|

The world-leading company in the manufacturing and installation of Padel courts, Padel Galis, has reached an agreement with Flexipadel to produce and market a self-levelling base for padel courts that can be installed and moved to virtually any location without the need for permits or expensive foundation work.

Padel Galis, renowned worldwide for their excellence in court manufacturing and installation, has joined forces with Flexipadel to create a self-levelling base that redefines convenience and flexibility in padel court setup.

With this innovative solution, padel athletes and enthusiasts can enjoy top-quality courts that can be easily installed and relocated to virtually any location, all while minimizing the environmental impact.

This alliance signifies a game-changing moment in the padel industry, where Padel Galis’s expertise and Flexipadel’s ground breaking design combine to deliver an unmatched product. The self-levelling base removes the traditional barriers associated with court construction, opening up exciting possibilities for players, operators, and facilities.

“This partnership with Flexipadel is a monumental step,” says Juan Larraz, CEO at Padel Galis. “We are thrilled to bring a self-levelling base to the market, offering a level of flexibility and convenience never seen before in the industry.”

“Our journey with Padel Galis signifies a completely new era in padel court foundations,“ adds Marcus von Schantz, Director and co-founder at Flexipadel. “Their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation and the sport perfectly complements our vision. Together, we are poised to revolutionize the industry and set new standards for excellence.”

The cutting-edge solution is set to transform the padel court landscape, enabling effortless installation and relocation without the complexities of permits or costly foundation work.

Some of the advantages of the portable platform for which Flexipadel and Padel Galis have decided to bet on this alliance:

  • The installation does not alter or damage the surface on which it is installed.
  • It is self-leveling: it can be installed on surfaces with height differences of up to one meter.
  • The base can be placed in almost any location, including rooftops and beaches.
  • The base can be quickly assembled (in one day) and disassembled, facilitating the transfer of the court to a new location.
  • Being a portable installation, in most cases, it does not require a permanent construction permit, unlike conventional facilities.

As Padel Galis and Flexipadel embark on this pioneering journey, they invite the padel community and industry stakeholders to witness the revolution in padel court foundations.

Flexipadel is a pioneering Finnish startup specializing in innovative padel court platform design and manufacturing. Founded by a passionate team of experts in 2020, the company aims to push the boundaries of innovation, quality, and excellence in the padel industry. Their mission is to revolutionize padel court foundations, providing top-notch solutions that enhance the playing experience, even in challenging building locations.