Padel Galis is entering the Indian market, where it sees significant medium-term opportunities for growth. In order to do so, they have teamed up with the local sports facilities company, Go Sportz.

Based in Mumbai, GoSportz brings over 25 years of experience in the distribution and installation of sports complexes. Its group of brands includes leading racket sports companies such as Laykold (tennis) and ASB (squash). The agreement was signed by Go Sportz’s CEO & MD, Rehan Sumar, Padel Galis founder Fran Galisteo, and Padel Galis CEO Juan Larraz.

Go Sportz is part of the Aar Ess Group, renowned for its commitment to high-quality products and comprehensive customer service since its establishment in 1998. The company has experienced remarkable growth in the world’s most populous country by consistently staying ahead of the needs of an evolving market. “Since our inception, we have treated our customers as ‘partners.’ This, along with our customer-centric ‘360-degree consulting approach,’ has been key to earning our partners’ loyalty,” explained Rehan Sumar following the agreement.

Padel Galis and Go Sportz share the same vision and values when it comes to developing padel tennis in India.  Both are characterised by the quality of their products and services, the guarantees they provide, their meticulous project management from conception to installation, and the close relationships they maintain with their customers. “All of these factors have helped both companies build a reputation and, in our case, become global leaders in the design, manufacturing, and installation of padel tennis courts,” affirmed Fran Galisteo.

With a population of over 1.4 billion, India is “one of the Asian countries with the greatest growth potential,” explained Juan Larraz, “so this agreement strengthens our strategic development plan in the Southeast Asian region.”