1 month, 4 World Padel Tour tournaments, and almost 7.000 km travelled

Published On: 02/06/2023|Categories: Corporate, News|
reto operativo padel galis pista oficial WPT

In just one month, Padel Galis has assembled and disassembled the courts that have hosted the tournaments in Alicante, Vigo, Copenhagen, and Marbella.  A unique challenge that only Padel Galis could accomplish.

Padel Galis, a world leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of padel courts continues to set the bar high in the sector. As official suppliers of the World Padel Tour courts since 2020, this 2023 season is getting better and better every day, due to the assembly required for the new layout for competitions on the professional padel circuit, as well as the demanding schedule.

From 27 April, when the TAU Cerámica Alicante Open 500 began, until 27 May, when the Cervezas Victoria Marbella Master was held, Padel Galis has been the company responsible for the installation of the 15 courts necessary to hold, in addition to these two events, the Estrella Damm Vigo Open and the Cupra Danish Padel Open. In one month, our group of trailers and vehicles, together with our teams of installers, have travelled almost 7,000 kilometres to have everything ready for each event of the most prestigious professional padel competition in the world.

In addition to the WPT Special Edition centre court, we installed two WPT Challenger courts at the Alicante Sports Technification Centre. In Vigo, where the start dates of the competition overlapped with those of the final rounds in Alicante, there were five courts, the centre court plus four additional courts located at the Instituto Ferial de Vigo. Just like the previous week, the qualifiers started in Copenhagen while the Vigo Open was finishing, where we went to set up three courts with an identical layout to the one in Alicante. Last but not least, Marbella awaited us. Perhaps the most iconic of the four, as the landscape of La Finca La Caridad would change completely with the installation of the four WPT Challenger courts and the spectacular WPT Special Edition as the centre court for the first outdoor event of the season in Spain.

A new operational challenge requiring sufficient muscle to mobilise heavy vehicles, a large team of professionals including and combining various installation teams, as well as a large number of courts and their components, allowing each installation to be assembled and disassembled in record time. And all of this was carried out with the utmost quality and assurances demanded by the venues where the World Padel Tour takes place.