The CEO of the New Zealand company Pacific Padel, Julian Brown, and his partner and COO, Troy Flavell, have signed a distribution agreement with Padel Galis for the territory of New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands.

The agreement was signed in Valencia during a visit by Brown and Flavell (former member of the famous All Blacks) to our facilities, accompanied by Juan Larraz, CEO of Padel Galis World and Salva Segura, head of expansion.

Pacific Padel‘s main goal is to develop padel and actively participate in its growth in New Zealand by opening its own padel clubs (4 clubs planned for 2024, in the Auckland area) and by distributing and installing Padel Galis courts in other sports centres in Aotearoa, in Maori, ‘the land of the white cloud’.

According to the head of Pacific Padel, “padel has all the necessary elements to be successful in a market like the New Zealand market where sports in general are very popular,” said Julian Brown, “that’s why we’ve partnered with the best to offer New Zealanders the benefits of padel as it is played worldwide.

Juan Larraz highlighted the vision and professionalism of the Auckland team leading this joint project. “In addition, Pacific Padel will be able to count on the support of Padel Galis’ strategic partners such as Wilson and Fernando Belasteguín ‘Bela’, among others,” explained our CEO.

During their time in Spain, Julian Brown and Troy Flavell have taken the opportunity to visit several renowned padel clubs and enjoy the spectacular World Padel Tour Sixt Comunidad Madrid Master live. “Even in Valencia, we managed to play padel against Juan Larraz and Salva Segura, players who were really passionate and pushed us to the limit,” confessed the CEO of Pacific Padel on his Instagram account.

“We’re very excited to be working with our partner Padel Galis and their team. And we’re looking forward to sharing the latest news with our fellow New Zealanders about the opening of our first four padel clubs (North, Central, West and East) in Auckland, which will feature courts from the world’s leading Valencian padel player,” stated Brown.